Thursday, July 15, 2010

Deli Crashing: Because that Indie band at Studio B can wait

Have anything planned for Friday night? Of course you don't, you're a procrastinator like the rest of us! Well, here's your chance to set yourself right in the eyes of Jesus:

Get ready for the premiere of Brooklyn's most aesthetically attractive free jazz trio, "Little Drake". They will be accompanying Theo Boguszewski's interpretation of that ever-so-catchy Ornette Coleman song you heard had a hip title to name-drop.

Mokaad will be fighting the elements of tension to bring you a set to dance your problems away.

Bot Jiz will bring you face-to-face with these problems, only to disorient you so heavily you'll forget about whats-her-name and whos-his-face.

Along with Melissa Ahern, Andy Smart, Stimpy Lockjaw, and the infamous NYU dubstep duo Hirshi and Phlegm, how can you say no this night? It's impossible, you can't!

Take the J or M train to Lortimer St. or Flushing Ave. and find this Broadway Bodega between Manhattan or Graham. If you enjoy free stuff, get there at 8 and utilize the wine and cheese assortment we will present you with.

1 comment:

  1. Yo,

    Great music, great people, beer and a budget-friendly adventure.

    What more could you ask for, people!

    This sounds like some serious music.