Tuesday, March 23, 2010

For the Sake of Art - This Wednesday and Thursday @ 8 PM!

One of the greatest things about an arts school is the amount of talent contained on campus. From Visual Arts to Dance, Film to Music, SUNY Purchase seems to have a myriad of artistic capability. A goal/dream of mine has been to participate or be involved in a large-scale multimedia event that features artists from all mediums collaborating on a project.

This week will be a realization of this aspiration.

For the Sake of Art was conceived by dancer Theo Boguszewski and made possible by a grant from the state of New York.

Alex Mackinnon (aka Doc Brown) and I have been working on a beat for a choreographed dance number. It's a dubstep track that features Spencer Murphy reading a TS Eliot poem. We cut up some Iannis Xenakis samples, as well as some King Tubby drums and some live clips of Bot Jiz!

Rachel Pazdan did an excellent write-up on the event that you can read here:

Remember to come to the Dance Theater Laboratory on Wednesday and Thursday at 8 pm. This is a show you definitely do NOT want to miss!

Facebook event here:

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